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The Road to Legalized Abortion

by: Pinoy Templars

The Road to Legalized AbortionWhat I'm hoping to show in this presentation is that the movers and shakers behind the RH Bill are pro-abortion groups, who have all come together in different ways to make abortion happen, legally or illegally.It's a small organization by size, but it's big in terms of the influence it wields.I'm talking about WomenLEAD://WomenLEAD was founded on June 12, 2000 by nine feminist advocates with backgrounds in the fields of law and the social sciences. It was incorporated in August 24, 2000 at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). WomenLEAD is an organization by women for women.//
Here's a link to the 2009 page of their Executive Committee, staff, and Board of Trustees: 

Note the names, especially the following:
Sylvia Claudio, Carolina Ruiz, Bicbic Chua, Junice Melgar, Claire Luczon.  One more who has also ties to WomenLEAD is Clara Rita Padilla.  

Let's talk about these women, one by one:


That's Senator Pia Cayetano front and center.  Attorney Claire Luczon is in the back row, rightmost gal in the pantsuit.

Now consider this:

Senator Pia Cayetano in her sponsorship speech on the RH bill, delivered June 7, 2011, defending misoprostol/cytotec, a known abortifacient.

She says, "These life saving drugs SHOULD NOT BE USED on any circumstances for purposes of carrying out an abortion." However, she also defends its possible inclusion in the RH bill and states that its inclusion, even if considered an abortifacient, should not be banned, on the pretext that it could actually save women's lives.  Misoprostol's primary use is for the treatment of ulcers.  However, its more popular use is ABORTION.

Now let's talk about Atty. Claire Luczon (WomenLEAD), one of the attorneys in
Sen. Cayetano's staff.

Claire Luczon, besides being on Sen. Cayetano's staff and involved with WomenLEAD, is also active in international conferences and organizations.  In 2008 she was nominated to be part of the Steering Committee at the launch of ICMA Asian Network: Asia Safe Abortion Partnership or ASAP.  What does that mean?  Part of her advocacy is to push for "safe abortion" in the Philippines.

Now let's talk about an organization called Women on Waves.

What is Women on Waves?

Women on Waves is a Dutch organization founded by Dr. Rebecca Gomperts, an abortionist.

From their website:

Women on Waves sails a ship to countries where abortion is illegal. With the use of a ship, early medical abortions (till 61/2 weeks of pregnancy) can be provided safely, professionally and legally. Applicability of national penal legislation, and thus also of abortion law, extends only to territorial waters; outside that 12-mile radius (or 2 hours sailing) it is thus Dutch law that applies on board the ship, which means that all our activities are legal.

Millions of women worldwide have used Mifepristone and Misoprostol to terminate pregnancy with impressive safety and efficacy. Therefore the medicines have been on the World Health Organization's List of Essential Medicines since 2005.

Women on Waves has already created enormous public interest in its efforts and has completed successful campaigns in Ireland (2001), Poland (2003,) and Portugal (2004), and Spain (2008).

A picture of their ship: 


Also on their website is this set of instructions for a do-it-yourself abortion:


In December 2011, Rebecca Gomperts posted instructions on how to do an abortion using Misoprostol on Facebook.

The picture was taken down by Facebook.  Gomperts and other pro-abortion people protested, and Facebook apologized. 


(Here's an article about what happened:  Facebook Sparks Controversy by Removing Home Abortion Instructions

The year before, on January 19, 2010, Claire Luczon posted a picture on Facebook. The photo contained instructions on how to use Misoprostol as an abortifacient. She tagged many people, most especially those who are RH Bill advocates AND pro-abortion as well.


Notice that at the bottom of the graphic, you can see a link to

Notice that the instructions posted by Claire Luczon has "" on it, and is in the same colors and fonts.

The instructions were in Tagalog, and they were a direct translation of the instructions for a do-it-yourself abortion posted at the womenonwaves website.

Question to ask:  Why is an attorney on LAWMAKER Sen. Pia Cayetano's staff promoting Misoprostol use for abortion?  How is this person influencing Cayetano on any laws that she wants to push on the Filipino people?  Why is Cayetano even talking about Misoprostol in her sponsorship speech for the RH bill?

 Sylvia Claudio, also from WomenLEAD.
Chair of WGNRR, Women's Global Network for Reproductive Rights.

From WGNRR's "What We Do": 
WGNRR particularly focuses on the access to safe and legal abortion, access to contraceptives and the full realisation of one’s sexual rights.

Source: Women Speak Out

Pictured here: with Carolina Rosario Santos Ruiz aka Carolina Ruiz, aka Carolina Santos-Austria, etc. also WomenLEAD (at one point Executive Director)

She formed Linangan ng Kababaihan (Likhaan) together with Junice Melgar.  Read more about her beginnings here.

Junice Lirio Demeterio-Melgar
Executive Director, Likhaan (Linangan ng Kababaihan)
Board of Trustees, WomenLEAD

Junice Melgar boasts of having contacts to underground abortionists.


In a 2010 study done by Melgar and associates, they talk about using MVA and Misoprostol. 

Misoprostol is an illegal, unregistered abortifacient in the Philippines.  MVA = Manual Vacuum Aspirator = abortion equipment.

Link to the study.  Physicians' approaches to post-abortion care in Manila, Philippines.Despite the unregistered status of misoprostol, it was used in obstetrics and PAC (Post-Abortion Care) by a majority of study respondents.  More on Post-Abortion Care later (remember that term).

Also in the video, an underground abortionist is shown using a Manual Vacuum Aspirator to perform an abortion.  

(Around 5:25 – warning, this is so graphic I can't even watch it, I just forwarded until I got to the point where I thought I could see the equipment and didn't watch from there, it's difficult to stomach.)

The question is: where are these underground abortionists getting their Misoprostols and their MVAs?

Likhaan also has pages on its website discussing “Mga Ligtas na Paraan ng Pagpapalaglag”

complete file here:

Carolina Santos Ruiz-Austria or Carolina Austria, or Carolina Ruiz

From left: UNK, UNK, Carol Ruiz, Cong. Edcel Lagman, behind Lagman unknown (someone named Joy), C4RH's Magdalena Lopez in front, FFPD's Ben de Leon behind her, journalist Rina Jimenez-David, FPOP's Ramon San Pascual, HAIN's Nilda de Vera

This picture was taken while they were on a Study Tour in Mexico with pro-abortion group Catolicas a Derecho a Decidir.  More on that later.

Carol Ruiz, of course, is also from WomenLEAD.

In 2001 she wrote From Mortal Sin to Human Rights: Redefining the Philippine Policy onAbortion, WomenLEAD Journal on Law & Culture, Vol.1.No.1

She also writes for the pro-abortion blog RH Reality Check:

and where she writes about WomenLEAD's work and the “sensationalism” of abortion in media:

Luz Francess “Bicbic” Chua, WomenLEAD.Director, Catholics 4 RH

Bicbic Chua is a regular presenter at international conferences talking about the Philippines' “unmet needs”. In the picture above, she is with people from the pro-abortion group WGNRR (see Claudio), at the 6th APCRSHR in Yogyakarta, Indonesia in November 2011, where as usual the primary topic is reproductive rights including the so-called right to abortion.  

Several of the women from WomenLEAD participate regularly at international conferences to call international attention to the Philippines' “failure” to legalize abortion, drum up sympathy and to get help (financial and otherwise)/muscle pull from international courts/agreements to help their case.  Where else do they get help?  From the largest abortion provider in the Western world, Planned Parenthood.

Here she is, with fellow C4RH lead Magdalena Lopez, visiting with President of Catholics for Choice, Jon O'Brien.  Catholics for Choice is a dissident "Catholic" group in the US known for their pro-abortion stance.

More on Catholics for Choice later.

Atty. Clara Rita Padilla is the founder and Executive Director of EnGendeRights


She was also legal counsel for WomenLEAD at one point.

She has called for the relisting of Postinor (aka emergency contraception, a high-dose pill of levonorgestrel, an abortifacient) several times, for the legalization of abortion, cited the Philippines as being in contempt of international law for keeping abortion illegal, etc.

Clara Rita Padilla has worked with Reprocen (pro-abortion group in the Philippines, started by Alfredo Tadiar as a project funded by the Ford Foundation) and the Center for Reproductive Rights in New York, before founding EnGendeRights. She also works with LGBT groups for the legalization of comprehensive “reproductive rights”.

The Pro-Abortion Groups That They Work With

Our Mission

The Center for Reproductive Rights uses the law to advance reproductive freedom as a fundamental human right that all governments are legally obligated to protect, respect, and fulfill.  Since 1992, our attorneys have boldly used legal and human rights tools to create this world. We are the only global legal advocacy organization dedicated to reproductive rights, with expertise in both U.S. constitutional and international human rights law. Our groundbreaking cases before national courts, United Nations committees, and regional human rights bodies have expanded access to reproductive healthcare, including birth control, safe abortion, prenatal and obstetric care, and unbiased information. We influence the law outside the courtroom as well, documenting abuses, working with policymakers to promote progressive measures, and fostering legal scholarship and teaching on reproductive health and human rights.

LDM (IIE-LDM) is funded by the Packard Foundation. Their role is to train RH leaders to recruit and train others in RH advocacy. 

Junice Melgar, Bicbic Chua, Carolina Ruiz are LDM Fellows/trainees.

So are the following people:

Cong. Edcel Lagman
Rina Jimenez-David, journalist
Dr. Rogelio Mendiola, POGS
Chi Vallido, FFPD, filmmaker
Ben de Leon, FFPD
Ramon San Pascual, PLCPD
Lina Bacalando, Likhaan
Kiko de la Tonga, Likhaan
Magdalena Lopez, C4RH
Florence Tadiar, WHCF/ISSA

and many others who are involved in RH advocacy, youth and veterans alike.

Note that Lagman, Jimenez-David, de Leon, San Pascual, and Lopez were all in that study tour in Mexico with Carol Austria.

Let's talk about some of these:

Dr. Rogelio Mendiola of POGS was one of the participants in a study tour sponsored by LDM to Vietnam. Note that Vietnam has liberal abortion laws and that's precisely why LDM chooses to send its trainees there, to learn first-hand about abortion techniques, etc.

Note the words post-abortion care, again.

Note that POGS has since expressed their support for the RH bill.

Optional info on the other LDM fellows/associates:

Cong. Edcel Lagman authored the bill in 2010, but did not even understand how contraceptives could be considered as abortifacients and had to write the WHO to have things explained to him. Of course, WHO's response, sent in January 2011, = the typical “contraceptives are not abortifacients”.

Another response was sent in June 2011, reaffirming the information sent before, same intention to mislead the public about when life begins. to mind the question, if this is not a foreign-pushed, foreign-funded bill, why is Lagman asking the WHO for help to answer his questions about abortifacients? Shouldn't he have asked these questions before he authored the bill?)

Rina Jimenez-David has long been an advocate for women's access to emergency contraception/abortifacient, Postinor. She has no understanding of how contraceptives act as abortifacients.

Florence Tadiar is an LDM Key Informant Interviewee. She is pro-abortion, though she is not pro-population control. She is CEO of the Institute for Social Studies and Action. She and husband Alfredo Tadiar who was the first Executive Director of REPROCEN produced the report Forsaken Lives: The Harmful Impact of the Philippine Criminal Abortion Ban, published by the pro-abortion group Center for Reproductive Rights.

The study tour that Carolina Ruiz, Edcel Lagman and others attended in Mexico, consisted mainly of sessions with Catolicas por Derecho a Decidir (the Mexican equivalent of pro-abortion group Catholics for Choice).

Rina Jimenez-David's report: problem that needs to be addressed, Fray Julian pointed out, is how to explain to ordinary Catholics the different levels of authority in the Church, and how it is possible to create a diversity of views on matters beyond dogma.//

Catolicas por Derecho A Decidir is another pro-abortion group advocating for “safe and legal abortion”.

This study tour was sponsored by the Packard Foundation via LDM.

Catholics for Choice is another pro-abortion group of dissident Catholics.

Bicbic Chua (WomenLEAD) and Magdalena Lopez went to visit CFC in November 2010 (scroll up to Bicbic Chua). 

What does Jon O'Brien, Catholics for Choice's president, say about abortion?

Access to safe and legal abortion will always be necessary, no matter what preventative measures are available. Contraception fails, people get carried away, fetal anomalies occur, women’s circumstances change. - “Reducing the Need for Abortion.”  Conscience Magazine 30.1 (2011)

Jon O'Brien (in light colored suit, seated beside Bicbic Chua in black sleeveless dress) training media to promote RH. Elizabeth Angsioco is in red suit.

What's Elizabeth Angsioco's view on the unborn?

IPAS is an abortion equipment manufacturer. They used to manufacture all the abortion equipment as well as work on abortion advocacy. In 2009 they spun off WomanCare, its non-profit subsidiary to continue the manufacture of products.This is a picture of one of their aspirators:

IPAS has received funding for years from Packard, the Buffett Foundation and USAID.


Buffett Foundation millions: 

International Projects Assistance Services (IPAS) is even more dependent on Buffett support. Based in Carrboro, N.C., IPAS manufactures a handheld suction pump used in developing countries to initiate abortions and to save the lives of women bleeding from botched, self-performed procedures. The Buffett Foundation has backed IPAS for years, but it recently agreed to step up its giving dramatically. Its 1999 contribution of $2.5 million is part of a five-year, $20 million commitment that will enable IPAS to double its capacity.


How a Manual vacuum aspirator works:

From pro-abortion group Inter-Agency Working Group:

If you will recall, the abortionist in the Melgar City of Guilt video uses an MVA to perform the abortion.

The MVA is also often included with the MISP RH kits supplied to developing countries in times of crises such as natural catastrophes.

How these orgs operate:

A fellow pro-lifer claims they have copies of the bidding and purchasing documents for MVAs from the DOH.  People, the abortion equipment is ALREADY HERE.

Which means this is already being brought into the country even without the RH bill.

WomanCARE, IPAS' subsidiary and manufacturer of abortion equipment, etc. is currently headed by Saundra Pelletier who also has ties to Gates Foundation:

It is widely known that Gates has been pouring in millions towards providing women in developing countries with contraception, with no consideration for the fact that contraceptives have an abortifacient action, and that some contraceptives are actually abortifacients like RU-486. 

One more on IPAS:

Notes on Khama Rogo, former vice president of medical affairs at IPAS:

Abortion is illegal in Kenya as well, but IPPF approved of the introduction of manual vacuum aspiration (MVA) machines, first to complete illegal abortions, and then to perform abortions. In an IPPF publication, Khama Rogo wrote "Let us not wait for the law to change, let us do what we can even before the law changes."IPPF Report 1990.

In 2007, IPAS released this report


Planning for a sustainable supply of manual vacuum aspiration instruments:Second editionMarian Abernathy, MPHFor International Use
A guide for program managers

On page 18 is the Case Study on the Philippines, and has a timeline of the entry of MVA into the Philippine market.

During the process of obtaining approval for MVA, which took longer than anticipated, EngenderHealth closed its program in the Philippines. New partners must be identified forfuture programmatic and instrument-access activities.

Note the use of the words for post-abortion care, this time changed slightly and tailored to the audience, PMAC:  Prevention and Management of Abortion Complications.  Know that these instruments are designed for use BY MIDWIVES, hence precluding the need for doctors. More opportunity to circumvent laws.

USAID and the programs it funds have been training midwives for MVA use for years.

This is IPPF's SPRINT presentation at the IAWG conference: Note slide 4.


This was a presentation done at the FPOP offices in Bulacan, during an RH Kit “turnover”. Note the slide being used.

FPOP = Family Planning Organization of the Philippines


Note where their RH kits are coming from.

As we have stated before, Planned Parenthood and the International Planned Parenthood Federation are both well-known pro-abortion groups.

Excerpt above is from “Foreign Aid for Abortion”, a report published by the Hastings Center in 1980. The author, Donald P. Warwick, was an Institute Fellow at the Harvard Institute for International Development. The article was adapted from a presentation at the National Conference on Abortion, U of Notre Dame, Oct. 1979.

(pdf of study above available upon request)

IPPF has been funding WGNRR, Likhaan and FPOP for years.

Their 2011 financial statement:

Goal 2, p. 17: Scale up abortion services in Cambodia, Indonesia and the Philippines

1. Family Planning Organization of the Philippines (FPOP): $625,095 (see page 32 of pdf file)
2. Likhaan Center for Women's Health: $84,776 (see page 35 of pdf file)
3. The Women's Global Network for Reproductive Rights (WGNRR): $75,092 (see page 36 of pdf file)

Packard has funded population control via pro-abortion groups for years.

In 2008 alone, Packard paid Linangan ng Kababaihan (Likhaan) $928,343 for items listed as “Population”. - $198,343, + 380,000 + 350,000

FPOP - $250,000, $350,000

The Women's Health Care Foundation (Florence Tadiar) $54,350 + 400,000 + 400,000

WomenLEAD $100,000 + 200,000 + 400,000

The Dean of CSSP, UP $78,137

HAIN (Nilda de Vera) $252,768.

The PLCPD $282,778. + 300,000

The Foundation for Adolescent Development $350,000 + 50,000 + 608,000


More information on foreign funders of the RH bill can be found here:

Important Concept to Understand:

What is post-abortion care?

From Guttmacher: Essential Elements of Postabortion Care: Origins, Evolution and Future Directions

In other words, post-abortion care in pro-RH language is simply a euphemism for “helping a woman complete an incomplete abortion.”

More on Post-Abortion Care:

Note that those who promote “Post-Abortion Care” are either abortion providers or advocates for “safe abortion”.


The people are already in place, they are already performing abortions, they have been trained, they have the equipment and they have the funding.The government is not doing much to crack down on these illegal activities.

Funding the RH bill via taxpayer money means easier access to supplies and equipment for these people to provide abortions.

The unscrupulous doctors who do not mind performing abortions will continue to perform them and in greater numbers.

Midwives trained via the underground network of abortionists know how to perform the procedure and are already doing them.  

The public will have greater access to known abortifacients.

POST-ABORTION CARE is just a euphemism for helping a woman complete an attempted abortion via abortifacient pills like Misoprostol.

A Filipina these days can gain access to abortive drugs simply by going the Internet, like they do here:

The RH bill is designed to continue these heinous practices, not stop them.  The RH Bill is designed to put more abortion medications and equipment in the hands of those who think that this is actually helping women.

Pass this information on to everyone you know.

Urge your legislators to reject the RH bill.  It's not too late.

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