Monday, August 13, 2012

Senator Tito Sotto's advocasy against RH Bill

Senator Tito Sotto, one of the antagonists in the proposed RH Bill of congress shared his experience as his wife was a victim in the usage of artificial contraceptives. His speech eventually lead us to prove that his stance against the RH Bill, together with other anti-RH senators is based in their experiences that the bill is nothing but a crap.  Please watch the video clip with an open heart.

just to track his speech, I found also in other video clips of ANC that he opened his very Catholic heart.

I also found a video containing his side as an anti-RH Bill..please watch and have an open heart fraters.

hmm..let me take you to the showdown of our Anti-RH Senator Tito Sotto versus the Pro RH Bill Senator Pia Cayetano..

[note: these two videos are owned by Sen. Pia Cayetano, a pro-abortion este pro-RH Bill lawmaker]

as to end this, i will post some quotable quotes of the senator regarding the RH Bill..

“It is alarming to know that despite being connected to an organization that promotes abortion, FPOP is one of the partners (in) the DoH family planning program,”

 “When the RH proponents had their turn on the floor, they left a lot of questions unanswered. Now their supporters are charging us of being repetitive by reopening the period of interpellation. I will be asking questions because the proponents did not answer them,” 

 "Even without the passage of the RH bill, the objective of the proponents can be achieved with the effective implementation of our existing laws…without dividing the country,"

  “You see, my wife, Helen, and I, nawalan po kami ng anak dahil sa contraceptives"



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