Saturday, August 4, 2012

Villegas openly assails P-noy’s RH bill support

MANILA, August 4, 2012—Despite his ties to the Aquino Family, Lingayen-Dagupan Archbishop Socrates Villegas today reminded President Benigno Simeon Aquino III that his administration’s “Kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap” slogan should not mean to say “kung walang anak, walang mahirap.”

In a message to the youth, read by Henrietta de Villa during the “Prayer Power Rally Against the RH  Bill” at EDSA shrine, Villegas said it is corruption that the government should cure, not nurse.

“Corruption is the cancer of the Philippines that prevents us from growing. When President Aquino called us his boss, we cheered; when he banned wang-wang in the street and moral wang-wang in the bureaucracy, we followed his vision.

“[But,] My dear youth, contraception is corruption. The use of government and taxpayers’ money to give out contraceptive pills is corruption,” Villegas said.

Although he was not physically present during the anti-RH bill rally spearheaded by the CBCP’s Episcopal Commission on Family and Life (ECFL), Villegas made his presence felt when he also reminded the Aquino government to focus on getting rid of corrupt government officials, not unborn babies through the promotion of artificial contraception.

“A culture of contraception looks at babies as reasons for poverty. Birth control, they say, means more food, more classrooms, more houses and better health for mothers. If more babies are the cause of poverty, are we now saying, ‘kung walang anak, walang mahirap?”

“It doesn’t rhyme because it is not correct. We can have more classrooms, more food, more jobs if we would be less corrupt. Send out the corrupt official, not the baby,” he told the youth.

‘Your birth is not a mistake’

Villegas vowed to join the fight against the passage of the RH bill in Congress, saying the fight is more to correct the misconception that children are a mistake and not a blessing.

“My dear youth, your birth is not a mistake. Your birth was God’s gift to us your elders. You are not the problem; you are our blessing. The problem is the corruption of your elders; your elders must change, for your future can be brighter.

“I am standing to defend you. We are fighting the error because you might be misled. We are battling corruption because we know it can harm your soul. Believe me, contraception harms your soul,” he added.

Villegas gave a subtle reminder to the government that if the RH bill is passed into law under the Aquino administration, Aquino’s legacy will be a “contraceptive generation, which will eventually give birth to an abortion generation.”

“If a contraceptive pill is to be considered an essential medicine, what sickness is it curing? Is pregnancy a sickness? Why is it that women get sick with cancer after taking the contraceptive pill? My dear youth, contraception, makes healthy people sick,” he added.

Protective of the youth

The prelate also clarified to the youth that the Church is not lost in its own world about the issue on artificial contraception nor being insensitive to the signs of the times.

“When we teach you that contraception is corruption, we are not being insensitive to the challenges of modernity. We are just being protective of you because it can destroy you sooner than you think.

“Artificial contraception could open the door to moral infidelity and a general lowering of standards. We your elders do not want you to follow the path to moral corruption,” he added.

Villegas also warned government economic advisers that population control will not make the Philippines a tiger economy in Asia.

“We want to be a tiger economy in Asia like our neighbors but what is a tiger without teeth? What is progress without our laughing children? For whom do we envision progress? What is victory at the expense of the immortal soul?” he asked.

Though he did not direct his message to the President, the prelate vowed to fight anyone who will push for the passage of the RH Bill.

“We shall fight contraception or we will perish as a Godly nation. Youth of the Philippines, because I love you, I will fight contraception. This battle is for you and I fight for the love of you,” Villegas added.

Villegas was a staunch supporter and friend of President Aquino’s mother, Corazon Aquino, since the EDSA People Power Revolution.

Other bishops present during the prayer power rally against the RH Bill at EDSA Shrine today were Bishops Jose Oliveros of Malolos, Pablo David of Infanta, Gabriel Reyes of Antipolo, Ramon Arguelles of Lipa, and Leo Tumulak of the Military Ordinariate. (YouthPinoy)


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