Friday, March 12, 2010

Our tasks as Christians

Evangelization is the task of every Christian, not just the priests’ or preachers’. If the task seems daunting for you, here are some tips to begin the “good work”:

1.Volunteer to manage your parish’s literature rack. Ensure that there’s a variety of Catholic reading materials—inspirational books, Bibles, reflection guides, magazines, novena booklets and even rosaries—displayed on the racks by the entrance of the Blessed Sacrament Adoration Chapel to encourage adorers and visitors to read or use them.

2.Take time to share your faith with door-to-door missionaries. Welcome “Bible Christians” who walk from house to house to share the Gospel. Later on, invite these missionaries to listen to your testimony on being a Catholic and share with them copies of Catholics literature you may have on hand. Who knows? One day you may find them seated beside you at the Sunday Mass.

3.Place booklets or handouts in the pews at your parish. With the permission of your parish priest, place evangelistic booklets or handouts on the pews before the mass.

4.Evangelize online. Make the most of the internet by launching an evangelistic email blast and send Gospel reflections, encyclicals and other informative news about the Catholic Church.

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