Saturday, July 5, 2008

Basic Ecclesial Community- DMMA Chapter

Basic Ecclesial Coomunity is School-based Catholic Organization and is organized by the Catholic Campus Ministry of Davao in order to reach out non-sectarian schools who have Catholic Students studying in there. Likewise, the organization was organized (in DMMA) in the year 1993 by CCMD.Through the help of the school administrators led by the Late College President, Mr. Alberto Alejandre, the organization became the first organized group in the school.

here's our video presentation during the Club organization day 2008

The organization moderator was Mr. Payosalan, and was preceded by Mr. Tampos and now handled by Engr. Ronaldo Mantos, supported by Ms. Berlyn Sasarita in order to continue the aim of the organization which is to unify the Catholic Students who are studying in DMMA College of Southern Philippines

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